Bear Waterfowl Combo


Fishing and a day on the water in the comfort of an 18 foot Crestliner is a possibility after all of the bears are harvested. Time and weather permitting. This opportunity is included in our packages at no cost other than the fishing license.

Hunt Dates
September Only


5-Day Hunt:

Lady Hunters:

Youth Hunters:
(12-17 ages)


Combination hunts are available for both waterfowl and bear in the fall. The bear and waterfowl combination hunt consists of morning goose with late morning and evening bear hunting. After each morning goose hunt, we then take the hunter to the bear stand where they will hunt until approximately 1:00 P.M. From there the hunter is brought back to the lodge for a large noon meal. We allow the hunters the afternoon to rest until we again take them out to a bear stand approximately at 4:30 P.M. The hunter will stay in the bear stand until dark which makes for a full day. After a hunter harvests a bear then they may have the opportunity to hunt ducks as well in the evening for the rest of their stay with us. This combination hunt offers a great opportunity to harvest a black bear and to experience our waterfowl hunting.